Yoga und Achtsamkeit

Yoga und Achtsamkeit

4-week Mindful Yoga Course for all

Mindful yoga combines yoga asana and mindfulness, an awareness training derived from the Buddhist tradition.

We practice yoga positions with softness and precision in a wave between relaxed and intense. Body awareness will be guided towards outer positioning as well as inner sensations and feelings. Breath Work gives us a sense of spaciousness and connects body and mind.

Each session introduces a different aspect of the cultivation of awareness according to the MBSR program by Jon Kabat-Zinn. We will meditate in class and you`re invited to set up your own mindfulness routine in everyday live. The classes end with a circle and possibility to share in a save space.

Suitable for all levels of experience in yoga and meditation as well as for beginners, queer friendly and body positive.

When? Fridays 23.11.2018, 30.11.2018, 07.12.2018, 14.12.2018

each 17:45-19:15

Costs: Whole Course 45€, Drop in 15/ 13€